A movie"My sister's Keeper"

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Oct 21, 2009 11:50
I watched a movie " My Sister's Keeper"at the theater. The title of the Japanese version is "私の中のあなた", and I felt the Japanese title has a bit more romantic nuance and I like the English one.

It is the movie about a family which each member has been faced to her/his life while dealing with Kate's disease. Kate Fitzgerald, a 14-year old girl with leukemia, has been struggling with this disease, and one day her parents ,Brian and Sara, are said from a doctor that there is only one possible way to save her life. The doctor implies to conceive a child again to save Kate's life The implication of genetic engineering.
Usually most babies are born accidentally, but Anna,11-year girl, was genetically engineered, and since she was born, she has been involved with her elder sister because she was born to help her.
Concerning with this problem,you might often hear the word"genetic engineering", but I'm wondering if these things could be permitted ethically , but it might be happening secretly in the US.
When a child were to be in a serious disease, how are family members able to live their life as a mother, a father, a child or a sibling?
In the movie, Sara( mother) devotes her entire life into saving Kate's disease, and seems not to be able to see other things, and it would be a natural reaction in a sense. I don't mean to say the detailed content and the ending.
Serious disease is at the center of the movie , but there are a lot of aspects in it; sorrows, pain, humor, family love, romantic love and happiness.
Furthermore, musics are very nice, and songs in each scene enhance the movie . It's been a long time since I drenched with tears while watching the movie.