A monkey returned home.

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Oct 20, 2009 10:57
A monkey returned home, to Higashiyama zoo, after 5 day's runaway. The monkey run away from a new monkey house; she jumped over the fence which is( ←or 'was'?) 4-meter high and 4-meter away . She jumped higher more than staffs of the zoo had expected and the staff said " we had no idea that she could escape from this newly prepared monkey's house." Actually, this topic became news around my area , and she was found safe in a cage five days later.

Interestingly, the staff provided foods outside and inside the cage; the former ones were her dislikes, bananas and apples, and the latter one was a loaf of bread. She had eaten up all! She was supposed to be unable to get any foods and return home with hunger.
Anyway, the thing was settled.
Recently in the countryside, I hear people often come across monkeys, wild boars, Japanese monkeys and other animals that you had never found near your house in a few decades ago.
Actually, my mother sometimes complains that monkeys are so smart that they have eaten up every fresh, delicious veges and fruits. They seem to know the right time to eat! When I was a kid( it's a loooong time ago!), I had never come across these animals. It must be hard for these animals to find foods and to survive in the forests these days.