Is it a culutural difference or...?

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Oct 12, 2009 20:12
Is it a cultural trait ?
Recently I saw an expression that I know, but I can't use naturally. It is " I'll keep my fingers crossed." It means " Good luck!."

When I saw the expression, I thought that it was nice, but if I were to use this, I felt something was different and I noticed I don't feel comfortable with this expression.
*Japanese version:
I feel as if I cut off this sentence from some articles and paste to my writings.
* 何かどこかの記事から切り取って私の文章にくっつけたような気分。
I guess this expression comes from the behavior in Christianity, and I have nothing to do with those things in my daily life.
Another (←other?)example words I haven't been accustomed to use is"miss".
I know this word is casually used and often hear it in movies ,TV programs and other situations.
I know it's stupid of me to think such a thing, but when I said" I(will ) miss you", I felt I had a special feel for that person, so I couldn't use it.
Actually, I asked about the usage of "miss", and got a nice advice from a Lang-8 friend here. Now I learned to use in various waysdepending on the situations.
そんな事を考えるのはばかげた事だと分かっているけれど、”I miss you"と言う時にはその人に何か特別な感情を持っているように感じてしまうのです。だから使う事ができなかった。実際ここLang-8の友人に”miss"の使い方を尋ねた事があるんです。で、とてもためになるアドバイスをいただきました。そして状況に応じて使い分けを学びました。
This might not be the same case as I mentioned first, but anyway I need the time to come across these expressions thousands of times and to wait to become natural.
Do you have such an experience?