It's really embarrasing!

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Oct 9, 2009 16:07
I wrote some comment to my friend who has been working hard,saying "Don't push yourself too much." But later another friend said to me, "Do you mean that she is pushy?If you want to say,'がんばり過ぎないようにね'、you need to say 'Don't push yourself too hard!' "
I've never thought "Don't push yourself too much"means pushy.

Can I make sure the differences of two meanings?
1. Don't push yourself too much.----でしゃばるな
2. Don't push yourself too hard.------がんぱりすぎないようにね。

Did I get it right?
I had no idea there is such a difference with "too much" and "too hard". my thought process seems directly to got to "too much" when I hear the phrase"don't push yourself."
Thanks in advance for your corrections and ideas.
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