Question about "のまわりには”

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Oct 6, 2009 08:23
I'm wondering how I can express "のまわりには”.
I tried thinking a few sentences, so would you check if these ones are correct or not( or does make sense)?
*Japansese sentence:「私のまわりには東京出身の友人はいません」
I translated it as follows:
1. I don't have any friends from Tokyo 【around me】.
2. There is no one from Tokyo 【among my friends/ my acquaintances】
3. I don't have any one from Tokyo 【among my friends/ my acquaintances】.
4. None of my friends are from Tokyo.
Actually, I wanted to use the expression" among my friends", so are there any expressions using this? Which expression do you think is most natural?
And are there any other sentences expressing this meaning?

Thanks in advance for your corrections and advice!