A book" Dustbin Baby"

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Oct 1, 2009 11:49
This is a book for a teenager, so it's not that difficult to read through it, but is well worth reading even for adults.
As you can imagine from the title"Dustbin Baby", this book is about a girl ,April, who was found naked in a dustbin just a few minutes later she was born.
She often says to herself in the book," April Shower. That's my nickname now. It's better than April Fool. It's much , much better than Dustin Baby."
On the fourteenth birthday, she couldn't have a cell-phone that she had wanted as a birthday present, so she had a fight with her foster mother Marion. The book started from that scene.
That morning, on her way to school,she decided to try to find out who her birth parents were. The journey to find out her family roots started and she visited her first foster mother's house, and foster mother Tanya. While talking with her, she recalls her life with foster families; one mother killed herself, and one girl persistently terrified her and now she was adopted as a daughter by Marion,her former history teacher.
She has reached the place where she was found as a baby and was able to meet the man who found her.
The last two chapters were quite touching and I couldn't stop reading.
Suppose if you don't know who you are.
You usually take it as natural to know what your parents and your siblings are like. Even though you don't know your roots , it never means you are worthless, but you have to work hard to find out who you are.
This book is the story about April's struggle for searching for her identities and finding troubling questions.
TV program based on this book was aired last year in the UK and a lot of people watched it.