a movie" Young@Heart"

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Aug 19, 2009 12:29
I watched a DVD "Young@Heart"; this is a documentary film with a chorus of senior citizens in Northampton, the USA. It concentrates on the two-month preparation for a 2006 concert. The average age of this chorus group is 80! This group is originally organized in 1982 and all of the members lived in an elderly housing project, since then they have been performing in the USA, in the UK or Australia. Some of them has a career as a singer, but some of them has been living nothing to do with songs. The sing rock music in the film vividly, humorously and touchingly.
Most of the members are willing to tackle with challenging materials "Rock" even though his or her favorite song is classical or opera.
The day before the concert, one member passed away, and answering the question if it was difficult to stand here just after member's death, an elderly woman answered," if anything would happen to me, I want everybody look forward... I would expect them to go on. I'm sitting on the rainbow, I would be watching you, so keep doing what we all start together.."
The song "Fix you" in the film sung by one elderly was very touching!