question about the word " eliminate"

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Jul 31, 2009 16:19
This is my comment I wrote on the blog which I've been following answering about the word 'ふつう’
I agree with your idea.
Being'普通’secures your position at the community; an office, school wherever it may be.
【There is a mood to eliminate the person who is not ' ふつう’in Japan. 】Being 'unique' sometimes would be tough to survive in our daily life.

That's why the word'ふつう’is often used as'安全パイ(I couldn't find proper word for this..), I think.
This is also true that 'unique' person do a great job; someone wins Nobel Prize, and someone becomes an adventurer.( I could not figure out the expression'~する人もいれば、~する人もいる。)

*普通、と言う言葉、実に便利な言葉だと思います。言葉、だけではなく、'普通である’と言う事は、【とりあえず】、社会の中で、平穏無事に暮らしていく上での、安全パイ、見たいな物としてとらえられているのではないでしょうか? でも実際には、それでは、今の世の中、済んでいかないことが多いですね。考える、ってことをやめてしまっているのかもしれません。ちょこっとだけ、英語でも書いてみました^^)


I got an advice from a teacher that "eliminate" means " 暗殺する” and the tone is a bit strong.
As for the word" eliminate", I often see this word in the news and I understand it as " 排除する” I used it in a strong tone a little bit, but I had no ideas about " 暗殺する”
My questions are
No1. Is my sentence correct grammatically?
No. 2. When you read this sentence, what image do you have?
Does the meaning"暗殺する" come first?
By the way, teacher's model answer is" Japanese have a tendency to be suspicious of people who are not 'ふつう’。

Thanks in advance for your corrections and your ideas.