Encountering a book

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Jul 31, 2009 12:18
How do you find a book which you want to read, or what attracts you?
On the web? At the bookstore? From an article or from your friend?
There are many cases(or way?) to find the book, and one of the ways is from the newspaper.
I like reading book review in the newspaper, and about ten years ago, I encounter a book" Older and Bolder( 歳をとるほど大胆になるわ) by Astra.
It was the translation of the poetry, and I was interested in it and wanted to read it in English.
I searched about the book on the web, but I couldn't find anything , so I asked the publisher in Japan about the original version of the book and its' publisher. Those days, I started using PC and just got my e-mail address, but I've never used it.
I e-mailed to publisher in the UK asking the way to get it. After exchanging e-mailes a few times, I finally got it!
It was not like the book, but like a booklet or 24 pages privately- printed book. It was such a thin book, but I was very glad to get it.
This book is the author's message against getting old. Now in this graing society, it is a strong message for women not only in their latter part of life but also in each generations.
Here are excerpt from the book;

"Nothing to lose"
bolder and bolder
as I get older

I'll do as I choose-
what's there to lose?

louder and louder -
I'm feeling far prouder

I'll do as I choose-
what's there to lose?

mellows for fellows
but now I can bellow

too long I've been dutiful
told to look beautiful
diverted with sweet talk
or threats when I'd try to balk

but now I can show them
now I can throw them
by turning the tables
discarding all labels-
hag nag and bag
worthless and useless
old drone and old crone
and lots more besides

I'm reclaiming my space
displaying my face
kicking over the traces
even running in races

'cause as I get older
I'm bolder and bolder

What's there to lose?
I'll do as I choose

Oh, I wrote too much!
Thanks in advance for reading my journal and fro your corrections!