Japanese irritating phrases

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Jul 29, 2009 11:20
Yesterday I wrote about irritating English phrases.
Thanks to Lang-8 friends, I could understand why those ones were irritating. Then, I was thinking what were irritating phrases to me.
I noticed most of them were used by young people.
I often hear the conversation in the subway such as...

「っていうか~↑(uplifting tone I wanted to say' トーンが上がる’)、チョーうざいんだよ、マジ、むかつく。(moving to another topic) ....っていうか~↑、おもしろくなくなくね↑」

Did you get it?
It means" by the way( or as you know,or, meaningless), it's very irritating,  I'm fed up、,as you know, ....it's very interesting, isn't it?"
Ha~(sigh) it's really really irritating, isn't it? I feel I got off( I wanted to say'おりたつ)to the different planet.

Another expressions which don't annoy me, but the ones unique to japan, so I'm wondering if non -native Japanese speaker get the situation correctly or not.

When a person visits someone with a gift, and says....

Situation2 a new comer at the office or at some group meeting

Situation1 literally means " this gift isn't that good, but anyway I'd appreciate if you receive it.
But the visitor never think it bad.
Situation 2 literally means I'm a new comer here, so I would annoy you a lot. I'd appreciate you accepted me gently.

But he/she never think they would be bothering others, and work hard.

In these two situations, speaker and receiver understand the situation well, and it is said just as to help conversation go smoothly. These words are sometimes very convenient thinking of Japanese characteristic' modesty', but recently these redundant conversations are tend to irritate some people; more easy conversations tend to be expected.
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