a short trip

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Jul 26, 2009 08:48
I'm back from a short trip '四国巡礼の旅’; it's a kind of a pilgrimage, but different from the original one. I'm going to visit 88temples or shrines this year taking a whole year and this time I visited 11 places in total.
Every time I visited, I got something and it's really good opportunity for me to face myself. Yesterday was the third day of this trip and the weather was terrible; it rained heavily, and we had to walk in the forest and in the rain( I wanted to say'雨の中の森を’). It was tough and I drenched to the skin( I wanted to say’ズボンがぐっしょり’, can I say 'my pants got drenched'?), but walking in the rain didn't that bad. Greens were beautiful and a waterfall had enough water, and the smell of the forest and rain was nice.
Anyway, I was a bit tired but had a great time there.