Do you have a strange"fetish"?

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Jul 22, 2009 09:14
What image do you have when you hear a word"fetish"? Do you have a strange "fetish" that you can share with others?
Actually, I talked about this topic with my friend.
I'm a bit embarrassed when I heard this question. My image towards this word is mainly from 'movies' or 'novels' and it has slightly a taste adult' or 'secret ones'. Of Course we often say" ~フェチ”in Japanese, and hear it in our daily life, but I've never used this words casually before.
That's why I'm embarrassed a little bit. Am I overly reacted? Have I taken things seriously? OK,OK, I have to admit I'm too old to put these kind of topics on the table casually.

Speaking of "my fetish", I'm not sure if this is"fetish" or just"my favorite", but I'm really like smelling( I want to find more nice word here, but I couldn't) herbs including herbal oil.( My favorite oil is"neroli".)
I grow a few herbs in my garden, and it is one of my favorite moment to enjoy the scent of herbs every morning. It might be strange, but I often put my nose too close to them, so I have to be careful not to be bitten by insects.
Anyway, doesn't the word"fetish" has a touch of "adult"?(I wanted to say '大人の香り’).

Do you use the word'fetish' casually?

*【I added this sentence here after getting an advice from Lang-8 friend.
I'm wondering if this word is used openly as a topic among people , or a topic between friends. I think the latter.
Looking forward to hearing your ideas!】