Do you like getting stationery?

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Jul 21, 2009 12:38
Do you like getting stationery(or stationaries?)
Stationary is one of the things love. My favorite stationery are clear files, greeting cards, cards, stamps and paper clips...a lot..
Whenever I trip to some places, I drop in shops which have a stationary corner, and spend time searching, watching , and get something beautiful or lovely.
So the reason why I love stationery is not that I love organizing things, but I love something beautiful. I stock various kinds of stamps mainly with the design of flowers, and my most favorite stamps at the moment is a stamp sheet(←Is it correct? I wanted to say"切手シート”) "Anne of Green Gables" because I am a big fun of the book "Anne of the Green Gables". I sometimes take it out and smile(取り出して、うっとり笑う)and it makes me feel happy. Am I strange?
I also love collecting(  or "buying"?) cards including greeting cards. Whenever I went shopping at a department store, I can't resist dropping in there and buying something; something with various size, seasonal ones!
Oh, I forgot to say one more thing,"highlighter pens". I have ones more than six. I don't mean to compete with you.( My friend showed off a set of high;lighter which have six pens, haha...)
I used it when I read articles and study English, and whenever I use it, I feel I have studied( or "studied"?) enough.
OK, I can't stop talking......