Again question about the former journal entry.

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Jul 19, 2009 16:00
Yesterday's journal, I asked about the difference of the nuance of the two sentences, and Lang-8 friend answered my question. I got it and it was a great help.
Actually, the start is from the question from my friend on a blog which I followed, I got a question again and now I'm totally confused.
I tried to write the points, so would you please give me some advice?
* My original sentence:
The police checked if the driver was drunk or not. I was not drinking, of course, but I didn't feel good.

*Question from a person:
You should have used "I had not drunk" instead of " I wasn't drinking." because using ' past continuous' sounded like ' negation of drinking' in front of the police.
And she said, " The important thing was the activity whether you had drunk or not, so you should have used " had not drunk".
I understand her point of view, and it might be true, still it's not the rule, but my writing including my feeling, so I think other answers would be acceptable.
Here are sentences.
1. The police checked if the driver was drunk or not. I wasn't drinking, but, I didn't feel good.
2. ------- I had not drunk.-----
3. --------I wasn't drunk. ------
4. -------I had not been drunk.----

So if you were to write the sentence under these situations, what would you do? Are NO.1, No.3 or No.4 unacceptable or not correct under these situations?

Thanks in advance for your advice and corrections.