Question about the differences between bump and crash

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Jul 16, 2009 16:42
I talked about the car accident with my friend, and I'm wondering if what is the proper expression for " 車にぶつかる”.
I tried writing a few sentences in various situations.
Would you please check if each sentence make sense, and what is the differences of each sentences?
1. I almost bumped into a car, but I didn't hurt.
2.I was bumped by a car.( Does this make sense?)
3 .I crashed into a car.( 車にぶつかっった。)
4 .My car crashed into a car.(私の車が衝突した。)
5.I was hit by a car.(車にはねられた。)

Are there any expressions or words related to "車にはねられる、or

Thanks in advance for your corrections and advice.