Why don't you have a glass of cool drink?

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Jul 15, 2009 17:19
What kind of beveridges do you want to have in hot, humid summer?
A glass of beer? Coke? Juice? Or just water?
Yes, iced beveridges make you feel refreshed.
Every year I prepare ,I mean, make plum juice for summer.,and I tried making Earl Grey flavored vinegar.
Recipe is very simple.
1. Prepare well-closed container( or bottle? I wanted to say '密閉容器’)
2.Put 300g of rock candy sugar, 300 cc of vinegar and 15 g of Earl Grey leaves in the bottle.
3 Keep it in the refrigerator and mix every day.
In a week, Mixture Of Earl Grey tea- infused vinegar is prepared enough.You can enjoy the juice by adding cool water.
It will make you feel relax and drinking this is really refreshing.
One thing you have to be careful is that it contains a lot of sugar.
It is good for your summer heat fatigue.

* It was difficult to express about foods and drinks in English.
I tried to do it, so I'd appreciate for your corrections and rewriting!