Have you ever been caught by police?

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Jul 14, 2009 10:45
The other day, one of my friends complained about the traffic rules in Japan. She was stopped by police for failing to stop completely at the stop line . Actually she slowed down the speed and checked both ways, but she didn't stopped completely. Furthermore, according to her, it was very small road and the number of cars seemed to be very low. She was upset," Isn't there another important thing for police not stopping people on such a small road? ! There are a lot of people who are using cell phones while driving."
I said to her," I understand what you meant, and I don't know why there is a stopping line there, and it would be true that police's concern was focused on to catch people who don't stop at the stopping line regardless if( do I need this?)it is necessary or not.
I think stopping people typing e-mails while driving and stopping people who don't stop at the stopping line( there are at of "stop"! I couldn't find another expressions.) are different matters.
Not every one is honest(or conscientious? I wanted to say"良心的”)like you. Imagine once car accident happens( or would happen?), can you say"how much you slowed down"? I understand there are a lot of places where you don't need to stop; it OK to slow down the speed, instead, yet I understand the rule that way. Am I being overly moral? If you want to change this situations, it might be a good idea to adopt"Kaizen" Toyota way." It was fun to talk about this
Luckly, personally I've never been caught by police because I usually drive just my neighbors; I know the road well. But I've ever stopped once by police when they checked if driver driven drunk or not. I was'nt drinking, of course, but I didn't feel good.
So have you ever been caught by police? How did you feel, if you have?