Do you like watching a Musical?

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Jul 13, 2009 08:36
I watched a TV program "Tony Awards Ceremony 2009" the other day.
In Japan, this program is aired one month later after it was held i n New York every year, and I enjoy watching this program every year.

This year, "Billy Elliot" has won 10 Tony Awards including a Best Actor, Best Musical.
This reminds me of the which I watched it in London last fall.
I bought a ticket on the day of the show alone standing in a queue; I was a bit nervous but excited while standing there to get the ticket.
This musical is about a boy named Billy, who is taken to a boxing gym but hates it and is fascinated with the ballet and become a professional ballet dancer.( Should I write it in past tense?--was taken/hated/was fascinated/ became)
The setting is during the UK miner's strike, and this show attracts us with amazing dance, songs, toughing stories including a tough economic situations and sexuality.
All the dances were amazing and I was really excited with being there,
After the show, I felt I was in a dream.( I wanted to say"まだ夢の中にいるみたい”。)
Actually, I also watched a movie " Billy Elliot" a few years before( or ago?), and it has been one of my favorites.
If this musical were to have a performance in Japan( I wanted to say"ないとは思うけれど、もし上演されるようなことがあったら), I'm sure I do my effort to get a ticket!
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