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Jul 9, 2009 09:26
I came across a new word"lurk" or "lurker" in the blog.
The sentence were as follows:
* I'm going to act like a lurker until the weekend.
* Looking forward to lurking your opinions......

I didn't know the meaning"lurk", so I checked it in a dictionary, and there are a lot of meanings; it is also used related to the Internet .
When I read comments above, I felt them a bit sarcastic or unpleasant, so I'm wondering if this word is casually used in the normal situation or I have to be careful to use this word.
Are there any differences between two sentences in nuance: No1.Looking forward to reading your comments( If I were in such a situation,I would write comment like this.) No.2 Looking forward to lurking your opinions.

Thanks in advance fro your corrections and advice.