"laugh with you"

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Jul 7, 2009 23:06
The other day I had a chance to notice( or know? Here does 'notice' make sense?) a wonderful words ,yet which is difficult to say for me. I had a kind of end-of-semester party with my classmates, and while talking, some woman,very lovely and lovable, asked a question to a teacher," Can I ask a question? In the class, everyone laughs at me when I ask some questions. Do you know why?" He answered,"No, we are not laughing at you, but we are laughing with you."
When I heard this words, I was very impressed.
When I study English, I understand it's better and effective for us English learners to remember words as a collocation(I wanted to say"単語ではなく、一つのまとまりとして覚えた方がよい), and I'm trying to do so, but I had no idea about this difference. Isn't it nice to say" laugh with you"? I really like this words and it made me happy.
There are huge amount of words and phrases to remember(or learn?), endless.....It's a looong way to go, but I want to enjoy this process.
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