Is it a lively discussion?

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Jul 5, 2009 16:59
Recently I heard a very lively discussion in the blog which I have been joining these couple of years; I dare to say" I heard", and " lively".
Actually someones comments were really honest in a sense and straightforward ,but unpleasant ones for me. You often say "lively discussion" and it's a bit difficult to join it actively , at least for me, but it is exciting to exchange ideas about the topic. You have different ideas and opinions, and it could be a good chance to see things from different aspects by exchanging ideas, but it should not be the ones to be picky someones words, in my opinion.
When someone use really harsh words and write his or her journal entries in his or her blog, it's OK because it belongs to him/her, but once you live in your society, wherever it might be,friends, an office, a school or a blog, isn't it a basic(or minimal--I wanted to say"さいていげんの”) standard to follow .You should know these rule as long as you live, right?
Or am I saying moralistic ( or sententious? I wanted to say"教訓的な”)and monotonous things?
I'm still wondering if making some comment by spotlighting small thing is a discussion or not?
Anyway it was very stressful , but was a good chance to think about these things.

* I have a question.
When you hear the word "community" or "team" refering to the blog, what image do you have? Does it sound odd or strange?
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