The turning point of the life

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May 24, 2009 16:08
Today my family held a ceremony of first anniversary of my father-in -law's death. As I mentioned before, my family's priest passed away two weeks ago, so my husband and I thought it was impossible to hold the ceremony. But, actually, we did.
His eldest son, now eighteen years old, succeeded his father and held the ceremony chanting a Buddhist sutra.
My point is not what he is doing but how he feels now.
He is still eighteen years old and has to work to support the temple. He graduated from senior high school this spring and has just started his training as a priest; it takes four years to be a real priest.
Since the late priest was diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer, he has been training and teaching his son to stand on his own feet, but I was thinking how felt now,during the ceremony. There is no other choice for him but just to start walking.
Eighteen years old! This is the time and generation for young people to spend their time searching for their way, but he has already started his career.(Are their another expressions?) I really hope he gets through the difficulties in his life.