The book"Outliers"

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May 5, 2009 21:01
I've finished reading the book"Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell; it's subtitle is 'the story of success.'
It contains nine stories and an epilogue.He shows a lot of examples and statistics:
*Why did Bill Gates achieve his success?
*Why did Two-Thirds of Canadian's pro-hockey players were born in January or February?
*The fact that a person who was called a genius worked hard more than 10,000 hours.
*Why did Korean Airlines have more crashes?( This is not the story today, though..)

He mentioned these facts and statistics here and showed some hints to be "outliers", and everything he mentioned is connected and mingled with each other complicatedly.(←is this OK?)

The most impressive part of the book for me was the chapter seven" The Ethic Theory of Plane Crashes".
in this chapter, he mentions power distance is concerned with attitudes towards hierarchy, and a pilot from a high-power distance culture has a possibility to cause a plane crash.
I've never seen things from this point of view.

It was a bit tough for me to read through this book, but I think I got ' something' from it.