A movie"Milk"

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Apr 24, 2009 15:28
Yesterday I watched two movies at the theater"Milk" and"Rachel Getting Married" because every Thursday women can enjoy movies at a reasonable price,100yen at my area; usually it costs 1800 yen.
Both of them were great.
"Milk " is about the story of the of Harvey Milk, a gay activist and a politician; he fight not only for the right of gay people but also for the minority. He started his career as a politician in California in 1970's, and was killed 8 year's later. Actually I didn't know about him, but I can imagine how difficult to be out from the closet those days , and 30 years later situations have become good a little bit, but there are still some kind of discrimination, I think.

This film won Oscar's best Actor Award and Best Original Screenplay this year.
Sean Penn's performance was a bit different from ones of his former films, but was very vivid and active.
His speech was very thoughtful and touching.
Furthermore, Lance,screenplay writer, did really wonderful and touching speech; he mentioned his sexual orientation and gay right.
Sean Penn answered the interview:
Q: What drew you to make you want to be part of this movie?
A:I think that all of us here , and any actor with a hunger to participate in something fantastic wants to work with Gas...when he gave me Lance's sensational script, and so it seemed like a no-brainer to wanna do it.

Actually as long as 'Gay rights' are put on the table, it sounds like an issue.

Thanks for in advance for your corrections and ideas.