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Apr 8, 2012 05:11
I had seen some pictures from last summer. I had seen our house, our private pool and our meals!
On the first picture you can see our pool at night. It was cool but we swam!!
We had drinks too in the terrace!
On the second picture, there is a big steak! It was a surprise!! And we made it to barbecue! As smoke!!! (¡Cuánto humo!)
I rememer the flavor...I´m drooling!!
And on the third picture, is my head!! hahaha I try to show you a real Spanish beach! Seriously, this beach were full with Spanish families!! You can´t see the sand because the beach is full of umbrellas!! I love Menorca´s beaches!!
You can see on the last picture, in my back, Candela!! Is a little big tatto the gecko!! (Es un pequeño gran tatuaje the una salamanquesa, (Candela))