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Mar 28, 2012 04:40
It is silly, but I´m very happy! In around five days, my new i-phone will be mine!!! I ´m not a cracy with latest technologies, but I had the whim!!
I don´t know what can I write! Because I have not the mobile on my hands yet!
I´m going to make you a question, What do you know about Spain? I could learn and konw a lot of many countries thanks from you. (it sounds strange...)
When someone correct me, I feel good because this person takes five minutes from his/her life for me, and it is wonderfull because this one can be anywhere in the world. I like to meet some of the country of that person and you deserve it. Is the least I can do!!
Thanks again!!
P.D. Other day without words in my mind!!! "Estoy en blanco"
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