This is what drinking in a Finnish Bar is like

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Dec 24, 2011 06:43
I drunk with my colleagues and their friends. We had drank for 10 hours. It was the longest record in my experience. We went to 5 bars and 1 Mcdonald. Finnish people drink early time. Actually we went to the first bar on three p.m. The first bar's name is "Fish bar", but they don't sell fish. It's mysterious. The second bar was Indian style bar. We had some spicy and sweet shots. After then, we went to Thai style one. The next was modern Finnish style, the next was Latin style one, the last was Mcdonald, in other words American style. What a international bar hopping! Most of the participants were Finnish people, but they can speak English very well. If they find non-Finnish-speakers in their group, they speak in English. This is very thankful for me, but unfortunately I couldn't understand even in English. I should learn conversational English.
By the way, One of them imitated Borat below. However I didn't know him. Is he famous? Why is he funny?