San guo sha~

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Mar 27, 2011 21:41
We played Sanguosha all the day long.

Sanguosha is a internet game that simulate the ancient time Sanguo.

Players can take a Sanguo role such as Cao Cao,Liu Bei to play the game.
Different roles have different skills.
For example,Liu Bei can give other people his card.When give out two cards,he can get up one point of HP.
Cards are also very interesting!
Such as "Sha",means attack.
When somebody use "Sha"card to you,you can use a "Shan" acard to avoid the attack, or you will lose one point of your HP.
Other card such as "NanManRuQin",when somebody use this card,all other people have to use a "Sha" to avoid,or he(or)she will lose one point of HP.
HP is precious,because most roles have only three point or fore point HP.

Oh.This game have four group."Zhugong","Zhongchen","Fanzei","Neijian".
"Zhugong" like king of a kindom."Zhongchen" must protect "Zhugong",because if "Zhugong" be killed,they are lose.
"Fanzei" want to kill "Zhugong".
"Neijian" have to kill all other people,then kill "Zhugong" to win this Game.

OK.At the beginning of the game,nobody knows other people are in which group.They only know who is"Zhugong."

So,have I explain this game clearly to you?Hey hey...