About Huangyan island

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May 13, 2012 15:26
The Huangyan island is too inconspicuous to cause much attention previously,but no doubt it has become the most heated topic in China these days.I don't know why there is a controversy about the sovereignty between China and Philippines suddenly.As I know this island belongs to China from I was borned.
It is found by China and in the China section as well.It is a part of China no matter from history or from geography.As far as I am concerned,Philippines government do this for challenging China's baseline.Chinese government has already published 14 statements about this event.All the chinese people advocate to launch a war to Philippines.I don't know Philippines has how much grasp to win if Chinese army will fight with Philippines army.
In fact,China is not a very unite country,but thanks to Philippines,united chinese people together.I really want to know how Filipinos see this.I hope we can solve this problem by a peaceful way finally.