Two moths have passed

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Sep 27, 2011 23:21
I haven't logged in my lang-8 account for almost two moths.Someone may think that I have given up my habbit of writing some English articles.In fact there is no such a thing,I didn't come because I come to a new school.I can't open any foreign websites in my school,even a lot of normal Chinese websites are banned here.Recently I was told a way of handing it.Now I can open lang-8,youtube and facebook ect.But to my annoyed,I can't still log in my skype account.
I haven't touch English for a long time,my feel of English have become much worse than before.I debt that I have made so many mistakes in this diary,but I will keep on learning English hard,especially spoken English.I long for more time to practise it.
There will be a Chinese National Day after three days,so I wish all Chinese people would enjoy their vacation in the coming seven days' holiday.I have a plan that go to 漂流(how can I say it in English?) in qingyuan town,which is a small town near guangzhou.I also wish myself would have a good time.