A Kewpie Three-Minute Cooking♪♪♪・・・

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May 8, 2012 09:15
I usually turn on the TV in the living room at 11:45 a.m. from Monday to Friday to watch a Kewpie three-minute cooking on channel four.

Actually, it's on TV Monday through Saturday, but I can't watch it, because I'm usually not at home on Saturday.

It's broadcasted by courtesy of Kewpie since 1963. Kewpie is a food company which is famous for mayonnaise.

When the bouncy music comes from the TV with a kewpie doll, I know that it starts.

They were cooking a fried food with vegetables yesterday. It's a curry flavor. Looked so good. While watching, I became to want to eat it.

I checked the ingrediants and found them in the fridge. Some of them were not there, so I went shopping to buy them.

After shopping, I went to the TV show's website to look at the recipe. I cooked it for dinner. My husband and daughters likes it and so did I. I hardly used curry powder to cook so far, but it worked! I'll try it more!