Chinese Idioms (1)------胸有成竹(Xiong You Cheng Zhu)

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Mar 27, 2011 15:09
There are a sea of idioms in Chinese,which are often used in speeches,articles and so on.Today I'm going to talk about the idiom 胸有成竹(Xiong You Cheng Zhu).

The idiom 胸有成竹 means that you have made a full preparation before doing something.We can trace the story about it back to the Song Dynasty.At that time,there was a painter named Wen Yuke,who did well in drawing bamboos.With great skills,he could draw the vivid bamboos,which looked like the real ones.

How could Wen draw bamboos so well?It turned out that he had planted many bamboos around his house so as to paint them beautifully.In his spare time,Wen often observed the changes of postures and colors of the bamboos in different seasons.As a result,each time before painting,he already had a vivid picture of the bamboos in his mind.Then he drew them well without difficulty.

In terms of Wen's good skills of painting bamboos,one of his friends wrote a poem to praise him.The poem is as follows:与可画竹时,胸中有成竹。(When drawing the bamboos,Wen Yuke had their picture in his mind.)Later on,the word 胸有成竹 in the poem becomes an idiom.And nowadays,we still use it when describing that someone has a great chance to achieve something.
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