I want to be able to read Time or The Economics.

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Dec 9, 2012 15:15
I admire the bloger Mr. 土佐犬 who got 990 score for TOEIC test.
This test score bizarrely range from 10 to 990.
So he got the highest!
(Getting 990 for TOEIC has become not unusual, though.)

He wrote in his blog that reading TIME is one of the best methods to study English.
Following his advise, I went to the web site.
But I didn't understand them... at all!

I listen to TED.
Using English subtitles, I can understand what their saying.
(I also use Japanese subtitles in secret.)

But TIME... and The Economist.
When I tried them, I understood what Zoro from one piece was feeling while fighting with Eagle eye.
Zoro believes that his aim is to be the best swordsman
and if he defeats Eagle eye, he is the one.
Before he fights with Eagle eye, he believes he can do it.
But he cannot.
He is treated as a child with toy-like knife, while he uses three great swords.
And he says, "No way. I can't believe this difference."
How can I fill up the gap?