I have a plan for reading.

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Nov 16, 2012 17:30
I think my vocabulary is very poor both in Japanese and English.
When I correct Japanese lerner's articles, I'm very troubled.
Is this phrase right?
Isn't there any more appropriate expression?
I regret I haven't been trying to read more books.

Looking around, I see a lot of people read books added to studying English.
I should read more without any excuse.

So my friend and I went to a secondhand book store called Bookoff.
Book off chains have a system which decide a price that is a half of a book or 105 yen.
Of course, we went to 105 yen section and chose 10 books each.

This idea was got from this page.

Togetter is derived from twitter.
One tweet is limited by 140 words.
They split one topic into some segments on twitter
and then add them up to one interesting article.

He said we should go to a Bookoff store rather than the library
because every time when we go to a Bookoff, the selection of books is different.
The library has always the same books so we should be bored.
If books is boring, our lost is only 105 yen a book.

I bought 10 books and when we've finished them, we will change our books.
Then, we can read 20 books. I've already finished one of them.
But the second book I chose to read was difficult for me,
so I won't read it.

This case, he said I shouldn't be care about the failure and should keep going.
When I've read 50 books, I'll sell the books to the Bookoff.