To Curb Spending

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Dec 8, 2010 02:01
Nowadays, the college students seem to have no idea about how difficult the money was earned and pay no attentions to their expenditures. They buy a lot of goods which they don't really need, and even some luxuries. Only to cater for their vanity.
Some people take it as a common phenomenon, they say that the increase of college student's expenditure stand for a progressing of society. However, all above opinions are under the hypothesis that students are richer enough and can afford their expenditure. The reality is not always like that.
For me, It's not just a overspending of money, but a reflect of students' values. Most of students get money from parents. So, the more they spend,waste exactly, the more pressure their parents will have. plus, pursuit a luxury life is not an intelligent way to live. It's harm to us intelligent and mentally.