Pita Discovers A New Word

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May 20, 2011 13:37
Today, I tried to do a translation of a tale called "Pita descubre una palabra nueva". I don't remember the author's name, I just remember that I read this tale when I was 8 years old. I was in the primary. It's a memory of my childhood.
Below I wrote the story's first part. Soon, I'll write the second one.


One morning, Tomas and Anita came into the Pita's kitchen and they said to her good morning, but Pita didn't answer. She just smiled with dreamy expression.
"Excuse me for not responding your greeting; I'm thinking about the thing I discovered right now" Pita said.
"What have you discovered?"
"A new word! A marvelous word!"
"What kind of word?" Tomas inquired with some distrust.
"A wonderful word. One of the best I've heard in my life."
"Come on, say it to us, Pita" the children said.
"Palitroche!" Pita said triumphantly.
"Palitroche? What's its meaning?
"I wish I know it!"
"If you don't know what it means, it is useless" Anita said.
"That worries me" Pita answered, bitting her right hand thumb.
"Who say what words mean?" Tomas asked.
"I think that some old masters did a meeting" Pita said."They invented some words and later they said: this word means it... , but no one never thought a word as beautiful as palitroche. What luck that I found it! I bet you everything you want that I'll discover what it means! Maybe it can be used with the noise we make when walking on the mud. Let's listen to how it sounds: When Anita is walking on the mud a wonderful palitroche can be heard... No, it doesn't sounds good. That isn't it. Maybe it's something which can be bought in stores. Let's find out it!"
"And let's see if we can" Tomas added.
Pita went to seek her purse and filled it with coins.
"Palitroche sounds like a thing too expensive. Probably this money is enough.
Once agreed, they three went out the house.
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