I hate next neighbor's person.

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Mar 6, 2011 11:06
He is an old guy like my father, and he tried to sing an old song at night until I sleep. I don't want to hear his awful voice. It was make pissed me off. I can't sleep for a while or it was hard to sleep at once.

He is a lot of claimed from my neighbors, and one of them called a cop that time. But he was upset when the cop arrived. He's saying "who were the person called a cop? I'm not making noise and I'm not making neighbors annoying". He claimed that he was not a noisy person".

The most pissed me off thing is that he said that his next younger woman annoys me because she often invite many people and they are noisy.

The cop told me that he claimed me that I was noisy when I invited for my friends my home.

I didn't invite many friend, but just only a few people. I didn't think certainly whether we were noisy or not. I care to not make noise as possible at home and public.

He might liar to the cop, he probably wanted to solve about this claims.

Anyway, I'd like to move to another apartment.