What an awesome weather today.

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Mar 6, 2011 09:09
Today, I woke up and looked outside. I thought it was an awesome weather. The sun made me feel good!

I went to a park and climbed a slide and looked the sun with sunglass. It was not good but it was an awesome view. I haven't climbed it since 10 years. It was an awesome time.

I called my friend and talking for a while. It was really awesome that my friend got lottery in 3 prices.

She promised to buy restaurants fee if we hung aroung next time. I said her that will tomorrow ok or monday? she said that "no, I can't". She seems like busy next weekday.

But I finally promiseed to hung around. It will be 2 week from sunday. It will be an awesome day.

I use some awesome word beause the native spekers seems often use it in movies.