Two different T’s ~ Tsinghua & Todai 7

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Apr 26, 2013 10:59
4). Brilliance
“Which is smarter between Tsinghua’s students and Todai’s Students?” It is a very interesting question. But, I’m so sorry, my answer to this question is “I have no idea”. It’s because, I have no courage to say that Todai’s students are smarter than Tsinghua’s, on the other hand, I have pride as the student of Todai, so I don’t want to say Tsinghua’s is smarter than Todai’s. (It is joke). However, if you assumed that Todai’ students ware so smart, you would overestimate us. Although I’ve met some smart students in campus, most of the students are ordinary people. If you meet me, you can understand the meaning of it.

This is my report of two T’s differences. If you are interested in Todai or Japan, please contact me.
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