Two different T’s ~ Tsinghua & Todai 3

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Apr 25, 2013 16:13
1). Study
When I came Tsinghua, I was very surprised because Tsinghua’s students study very hard. In any place I found students studying hard from morning till night. Regarding this point, I respect Tsinghua students very much.
On the contrary, Todai’s students don’t study so hard like Tsinghua’s students. (Here study means studying for the classes.) Why? It is because, there are few advantages for them to study hard and get good scores. In Japan, for recruit, the scores of school is not so important, on the other hand companies make much of their experiences of extracurricular activities, such as club activity, internship, volunteer and so on. Therefore, a lot of students are motivated not to study hard, but do such kinds of activities.