End of Semester.

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Jun 11, 2015 11:43
The end of fourth semester has come, and now it's time to take a break from the tedious routine I've been struggled with. All in all, I should feel smug because my grades this semester are not bad, although remorse has been nagging me today since the easiest class I had was the one with the worst note. Neither exams nor projects. I was so focused on those classes with very strict teachers that I neglected that class.

Each semester I learn a lesson that should help me improve my grades. However, each time it's something completely different. For instance, last time the lesson was that no matter how sick I was I should have let professors know about my health condition, using every communication tool at hand to assure their knowing. My mistake on that situation was to send an e-mail to each professor, but unfortunately just two of them replied immediately, and I thought that the rest would eventually reply it. Big mistake. It turned out that they didn't even used their e-mails accounts.

I should have used the phone, and a message via the webpage until I have got confirmation from everyone. Anyway, from now on I'll be more wary about all that.