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Sep 22, 2012 12:20
Note: Please tell me if anything doesn't sound natural or make sense in spite of it being grammatically correct.

Friday, September 21, 2012. It's half-past six (6:30)

Today I went to the bookstore to see if a Stieg Larsson's novel was available, since I'm on the last/final pages of the book I'm currently reading. I thought it'd be good to arrive shortly after they opened since I had a doctor's appoinment later that afternoon. And so I took a cold shower and had a quick breakfast of coffe and a sandwich, I'm a good cook, I swear, but I just couldn't be bothered. I think it's much easier than taking the time to make a good meal. Then I went upstairs to search for cold weather clothes, since it looked like it was going to rain. I found my black trousers and a white T-shirt as well as my old clock. It wasn't running though. I had to have it repaired as soon as posible because I remembered having been told that it stops working properly shortly after the battery dies.

Not until I left home did I realise that I didn't bring an umbrella. I walked across the pavement/sidewalk up to the bus station. Nobody was there. I waited for almost ten minutes and then got on the bus. It smelled like alcohol, but I sat on a seat anyway. I entertained myself by looking out the window where there were stalls of food and clothes along the street. I don't like Fridays because there is too many people and too much traffic on the streets. Some streets are closed for/to cars so that people/pedestrians can walk and narrow one-way streets are turned into two-way streets. So the bus had to take a new route and it took about an hour to get to the city center. If I had known, I would have walked. It takes about forty minutes to get there from my house.

It turned out that there weren't any Stieg Larsson's book, (come what may), I put in my order. I'm a regular costumer at Amate books, so they gave me a considerable discount. They told me that the book is supposed to arrive next week. I don't mind it not arriving until next week, because I still have about seventy pages left in the novel I'm reading now. Next I headed for the main door, and when I pulled the door shut, I ran into a friend.

"Hey!" she said.
"Hi! How are you?" I asked.
"Pretty good thanks, and you?" she said.
"Fine, did you go to Anabel's party?" I asked despite knowing this was a bit dangerous, because she is very talkative and I was in a hurry.
"No, I didn't. Omar asked me to go with him, but I didn't feel like it and my sister wasn't feeling good. So I stayed home with her. Besides, the weather was terrible," she replied.
"Oh, me neither. Look, I won't take up any more of your time," I said.
"Yeah, call me this afternoon, maybe we can hang out tomorrow," she said.
"Okay, see you then."

I walked rapidly past the Santo Domingo church on Fiallo street and turned left onto Abasolo street. I walked two blocks down/on Abasolo street before arriving. Next I came into the office and told the doctor's assistant that I had an appointment at 9:45. She told me to sit down and wait. Interestingly enough, I arrived there in such a way as to be able to rest for a few minutes before the doctor saw me. Inside, the doctor asked me a few questions about how I was feeling while using the drugs. I told him everything he needed to hear. Then he suggested that I change medicines little by little. I'd start taking a new drug and I'd keep taking the drops but at a lower dosage.

I got home just in time, but, unfortunately, wet, despite havinig used a newspaper for an umbrella.

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