Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

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Apr 10, 2012 08:25
Note: Please tell me if anything doesn't sound natural or make sense in spite of it being grammatically correct.

Monday, April 9, 2012. It's a quarter past five (5:15)

I don't know if it's appropiate to say that one falls in love at first sight, but you definitely feel an intense attraction for a person when you see him/her. It happened to me today, actually. I went to a fitness club/gym to ask about their services and there was a girl whom I really liked. I found her very/really sexy. She was a clerk at the gym. So, I asked her for the information I needed. And while she was talking I could feel and hear my heart beating. It took all that I had not to kiss her. I was in awe of by her presence. I tried to be polite to her and smile. I almost couldn't speak, but I took the trouble and I said, stuttering: "Can I see the facilities?". Well, I've had that sparks fly like that a couple of times(by the way can I say that I feel a spark for someone?). I recently fell for a girl at my university, and I'm absoultely head over heels for her.

I think the person who says that he/she fell in love at first sight is a little bit insane. Because love takes time, it takes coming together and shared experiences and that sort of stuff. But I think that most men have their interest sparked by seeing a girl and then they fall in love by eating the food that the girl cooks. As for girls I think they feel a spark by listening to a guy and then they fall in love if the guy is good in bed.

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