Passive Gerunds

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Mar 19, 2012 10:06
1- The students have enjoyed being taught by Profesor Landong.
2- You don't really mind being lied to.
3- I can't stop being manipulated by everyone.
4- I miss getting kissed by your sweet lips.
5- He avoids getting arrested by not speeding.
6- She is considering runnig for president.

7- I don't remember being met by her at the station.
8- I would really appreciate it if you'd correct my entry./I will really appreciate your correcting me on this entry.
9- The mothers finished dressing their babies.
10-They denied getting robbed by the thief.
11-We admit to being arrested once/ We admit that we've been arrested once.
12-I risked not having an inheretance.

13-I can't imagine being arrested.
14-They didn't suggest that the painter draw them.
15-He fancied being paid.
16-We dislike being told what to do.
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