My Background

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Mar 11, 2012 11:29
Note: Please tell me if anything doesn't sound natural or make sense in spite of it being grammatically correct.

Saturday, March 10, 2012. It is nine nineteen (9:19)

My education and work experience:

I worked in the service industry for almost 4 years. I worked for a company whose main product or service is to exhibit movies at cinemas. In fact before that time I had never worked, so it was my very first job. In that job, I always dealt with costumers. And I learned a lot of things, I learned how to deal with tough costumers, different styles of clients, and I also learned sales technicques. It was a part-time job whose requirements were a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I consider myself as a team player and hard-working so I really enjoyed dealing with costumers and the various responsibilities. At that time I was already a student at the university in Oaxaca. I was in my 9th semester, however I had to drop out of university because of money problems. So I continued working for this company for one more year and then I changed jobs.

I found a new job whose starting salary was much more than the old one. Nevertheless, this one had nothing to do with the service industry. I would always write code for websites, so I worked as a programmer. After two years this company went out of business, it is out of business now, because in fact it wasn't a real company.

Then I decided to continue my studies, and I had to prioritize my goals. And so I started studying at the university in Huajuapan in a new fiel. I studied there for 2 years but unfortunately the same problems cropped up and I had to drop out again. Nowadays I am studying foreign languages on my own, and I plan to continue my studies one day.

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