Mexican Wedding

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Dec 21, 2011 05:25
Note: Will you please tell me if something doesn't sound natural or make sense in spite of it being grammatically correct.

Since the majority of Mexicans are catholic they get married in churches or cathedrals. They pay about 500 dollars for the ceremony. But it depends on which church they're going to get married in because there are some that cost up to 800 dollars. The ceremony doesn't take long, only about 45 minutes. They wear formal clothes, the groom wears a suit, a black jacket and pants, and the bride wears a white wedding dress. After the religious ceremony there are a lot of fireworks outside the church and there is a traditional dance. That dance is performed by native dancers and it takes about 25 minutes. Then, all the guests are invited to join the couple for dinner in banquet hall or even in the groom's house. And the people who are invited to the ceremony are friends and family, so it's pretty large, there are about 200 people invited. Guests often give gifts of household items like a refrigerator or dishes and so on and so forth.

The average age for Mexican people to get married is about 18 to 24 for girls, and as for guys, they are usually in their late twenties. And usually after they get married, girls are housewives because they have to mind their husband or the baby if they do have one. But sometimes women work, when they have a career or if the couple decide they need or want more money. Interestingly enough, there are some couples who are both men or both women, but they can only get married in Mexico City.

As for who pays for the wedding, I think it is both parties, the groom's side pays half and the bride's side pays half. But often the groom's side pays a larger percentage of it. But it also depends on their agreement.

The divorce rate is higher and higher these days. Nowadays people can divorce in a few days. It is very easy to get divorced compared to the old days when it took about a year. Even though divorce is common, it's frowned upon, so they try to hide their divorce. People seem to be divorcing more and more.

That's usually it.

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