Music.Check up it,please^^

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Sep 11, 2012 02:25
Music take important part in my life .Wherever I went,whatever I did,I always listen to music .I prefer fast and rythmic music. I enjoy different styles but of the variety of music i'm fond of rock. But I hate russian pop. Also I enjoy classical musiс. Despite the fact that I prefer rythmic music,I'm fond of quiet and calm classical music. When i was a child,mom switched on works of great composers and I fell asleep. I really admire Haydn. As well I enjoy classic rock,rock'n'roll,jazz. I think classic music,is music which stand taste of time,which comes from the heart. Music help us to relax,escape from worries and problems.It helps to develop imagination,to show different feelings and emotions. Also it's good practise in foreign language. I think everybody has song which associated with special moments in life.
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