ESSAY. (correct it please^^)

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Mar 6, 2012 06:02
For years the problem of teenagers has been one of the most serious. Some adults don't understand teenagers and think that they are just lazy and ill-behaved kids. Luckily, there are other people who think that teenagers are not so bad.
In my opinion today there are lots of stereotypes about teenagers but they have a reputation for no apparent reason. Firstly, adult don’t understand some problems and things which are very important in teenagers’ life.For example they don't understand lifesyle,relationshp,tastes . Secondly, teenagers are from other epoch. Usualy adults forget that it's other time and what was weird for their time, is normal in present. For example some people think that tatoos are terrible damage of body and it's deformity
Nevertheless, many people are conviced that modern teenagers are bad generation. They spend all time on computers and don't study. Teenagers are ill-behaved and have bad taste. Also adults think that some interests of teenagers is just waste of time. For example modern teenagers fond of video games but adults don't understand what is interesting it it.
I'm afraid i don't agree with this view because video games help teenagers beat stresses and escape from reality and relax. Different hobbies and interests help teenagers to connect with other people.
In conclusion I can say that problem exist and adults sure that teenagers are rude,cruel and lazy. But as the saing goes: "So many countries, so many customs."