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Nov 1, 2011 03:00
I should write something about poem "Mona Lisa" by Weber:)

The writer of the poem praises the Mona Lisa. He tells of her beauty and grandeur. Weber tries to guess the emotions of the lady in the painting. He wondered what she would say if she was alive. The writer admires the beauty of the Mona Lisa, her fine features and noble appearance.
I have a lot of different feelings when I look at the painting by Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa. Many mysteries associated with this painting. The author of the verse is trying to understand the mysteries of this picture. After reading Weber’s the poem, I would like to read more about about mysteries of this painting. The painting evokes a feeling of happiness, because the painting depicts a beautiful young girl. She has charming eyes, she enthusiastically looking at something on the left. Weber compares the eyes of the Mona Lisa with a kaleidoscope. She looks through people, and nothing of her will out.
Painting Mona Lisa is a sense of joy and admiration. Weber’s poem helps to understand better the painting and the attitude of other people.