Is it possible for a foreigner abroad to find a job in your country?

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Nov 30, 2011 07:14
Dear everyone, if you are from an English speaking country, have you ever heard that any foreigner found a job in your country when he/she was not yet in your country? How did he/she do that?
Well I guess the only way to achieve it is to apply for the job through Internet, and maybe the company would run an online interview with the applicant. Actually that is exactly what I am doing, although I still have not been notified about any interview for I just sent out my first CV online yesterday.
I know that visa would be a big issue, so what if I stated in my cover letter that I would be pleased to compensate for the cost of visa application? Will the company consider more about me? =P
It is true that even the native graduates are not easy to find their jobs as well. However, as long as there is hope, I would like to try it and stick on.
Oh, and if you have any good job-board website, please tell me as a favor. It is better also designed for foreigners not located inside the country. I found the "" already, but it seems that I cannot fill out my current location and ZipCode with a "legal input". By the way, I sent my CV and cover letter through the company's official website.
Anyway, my question is pretty simple, simple as the title says.

Thank you all in advance~~~Have a nice day~!!!
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